Looking Forward to Abundance

What do you see when you look forward? Abundance or Scarcity?

Welcome to your daily Punch. Let's talk mindset...

There is power in our thinking!

“As a man thinks in his heart so is he.” Proverbs 18:16.”

When you imagine in your mind the thought that “the best is yet to come” that is exactly what will happen. What we experience is a result of our thinking. Man must take a stance and be thinking an abundance life style. It’s true, some people think scarcity and others think abundance and the result is seen in their life.


It’s a trick to cause us to keep on working to make money. We all want to live the American dream, right? However, write this down and know it: "You can't escape the cause and effect relationship between the quality of your thinking and your result." ~ Christian Simpson

How this played out in my life

If and when I would think scarcity, little, or I'm running out of resources it would always become my reality. I had to learn that my thought was controlling behavior and my behavior was producing action that would cause a certain result positive or negative.

Give your brain a wash! It's not be afraid!

“All that we achieve and all that we fail to achieve is a result of our own thoughts.” ~James Allen

The fish tank experiment.

Researchers placed a large fish in the middle of an aquarium with minnows to feed on. The fish fed to his heart’s delight. Then the researches placed a large partition in the tank, dividing the tank in two. After the Pike had eaten all of the minnows on his side of the partition, he saw the other minnows on the other side of the partition but, couldn’t get to them. He trashed and banged the glass partition finally giving up and formed the belief that it was impossible to get those fish. He stopped trying. The researches then removed the glass and although the Pike could smell, feel and see the minnows he believed those minnows were no longer available to him and it was impossible for him to win. So he starved to death in the middle of the aquarium full of food.

Everywhere I look today, I see people are starving to death in the middle of aquariums teeming with food. Humans all over the world are blinded to and cannot fathom the Law of Abundance.

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