"Love is more than Chocolate covered Strawberries".

Today is Valentines day and millions will in some way attempt to express love to someone and in some cases something.

It was once said Love can be fleeting in many ways. I once read that "Love is a fleeting emotion. It's such a small part of the things you do in your life". ~Nellie McKay

This weekend on Friday another prominent influential person has passed onto the other side of life. Gone from this life. This really grieves my heart and I offer condolences to his family and church congregation. That is Dr. Frederick Price founder of Crenshaw Christian Center. He'll be greatly missed.

I don't about you, but every time someone passes through this life here on earth it is very sobering to me. I began to think of the impact that person has made on their own family, society, influencing and helping us all in some loving way to help us through life here on earth. Then they pass to there, wherever there may be. I'll come back to this later...

So the roads are badly iced up in my neck of the woods. Vehicles are rolling over and crashing as people attempt to travel to the stores and to work even though weather conditions have deemed the roads closed. I know what your thinking "WHAT"? Yes this type of adverse weather "Freezing rain" "Snow" hardly ever visits this neck of the woods. I am in Texas.

Well this brings us to the next thought of my Valentines day. Many didn't see this coming "the weather I mean" and like me procrastinated and forfeited traveling out or ordering sometime nice to express my deepest love for my darling wife. Oops what a mistake! However, because we needed food and oh, by the way, she requested Lobster tails, I took the chance and traveled out yesterday to the grocery store to pick these things up.

Got the food and tails, even picked up a box of those chocolate covered strawberries she likes so much. Now we've been married for almost 42 years! When I got home my darling wife, sugar lamb tweedy bird was able to express her love by sneaking a nice card and a little gift in a heart covered little bag into to my home office while I was out. I know your thinking "How nice of her". And for the most part you are right. Nice move! However, I opted out to not get a card or flowers this year because of the mad rush of shoppers that were out and about. These were not the ordinary shoppers it was the "end of the world shoppers" The type that buy up all the toilet paper in the stores during a crisis if you know what I mean. So wanted to escape that madness and I did.

So yes, I could have gotten the proverbial flowers, card and more, but instead I got disillusioned with the whole concept and stepped right over the action of doing this. Now, I don't recommend you do this if you can't express your love in another way. Was I wrong? I don't know? I can share this though, I felt bad after getting home and seeing the effort my wife of 41 years made by ensuring she expressed her love by setting a card and a little heart covered bag in my home office. Wow, did I feel terrible!

I know what your thinking "it's the thought that counts" right? The Lobster tails and the little box of chocolate covered strawberries should have taken care of this right? Wrong. It is the the sincere love that counts and will live on way beyond our life here in the flesh. Love is more than a box of chocolate covered strawberries. Love is more than a card and and a gift. Love is more than anything we can buy!

I've read and learned over the years that Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Beautiful right!

Going back to what I saying in the beginning of this post, every time someone dies it is so sobering to me. The thought that I have today is we don't exist here to express our love for someone by the size of our gift or a gift I buy in a store period. Not at all. We are here to express our love to mankind through Kindness, Patience, the Opposite of Envy which is "when you win, I win", Not Boasting "this is what I gave my wife or husband or someone on Valentines day or any special day for that matter". We are Honorable to others through encouragement and respect. We are to be Selfless, caring and not self-seeking, not angered easily- Peaceful, and Forgiving of one another keeping no record of wrongs.

Believe me when I say this, it will be hard to love like this, however this is what true love is. Love is more than Chocolate covered Strawberries.

Am I saying it is wrong to buy chocolate covered strawberries, flowers, a card or anything for your loved one on Valentines day. No. If you think that than you missed the whole point.

Some questions for you to ponder and think into that will help you grow in this area. Make sure to write these out on paper.

What does love mean to you?

What actions can you take today that will cause you to express your love to the person or persons you love? What will make these actions so memorable to them that they will remember them for the rest of their life on earth even after you have passed on from this life to the next?

What would you say to to express your love to your loved ones if you knew you only had 2 weeks to live?

(Say it now).

This will be impactful as you reframe your thinking. Be prepared to say "I Love You"!!!!

Enjoy the rest of your week. Love you all thanks for reading this.