Rest Day

What is rest day?

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Rest days are as essential to your fitness as active days. You cannot have a successful fitness regimen without rest days.

So what is a rest day?

Rest days are the days you take a break from your regular workout routine to allow your body and mind to recover. There are many benefits of taking rest days. Let's review each one.

Time for Recovery

Rest days don't make you lazy. In fact, they are essential for the beneficial effects of exercise to take place. The process of exercise creates microscopic tears in your muscle tissue.

During rest, your body has a chance to heal these tears, resulting in stronger muscles. Rest days also allow your body to restore stores of energy in the form of glycogen from carbohydrates, which are broken down during exercise.

Signs You Need a Rest Day

Your body will tell you when it's in need of a break.

Some signs to watch for include:

- sore muscles

- fatigue

- pain

- emotional changes

- sleeping issues

- reduced performance

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