Time for a Change

Updated: Dec 20, 2020

When I think of the word change I also think of words that are synonymous to the word change e.g. alteration, modification, adjustments, and growth. These all sound like hard work, right? To change is to grow and growth is hard sometimes.

“Embrace change because dealt with positively will help in us improving our life stance."~ John Maxwell

What we have discovered about change is that everybody wants change as long as they don’t have to change. It seems like today everybody wants everybody else to change or improve.

We want to fix other people, but we don’t want to change ourselves. What is wrong with that picture?

A very humble and wise man once said: "You should be the change you need to find on the planet." ~ Mahatma Gandhi

Change is in everything that lives and thrives to exist. Growth is very much a part of every change that occurs. Change equals growth. I remember my mom had plants that had to be re-potted or transferred to larger pots in order to grow or they would die.

“If you’re green, you’re growing; if you’re ripe, you’re rotten!” ~ Zig Ziglar

As entrepreneurs it is very important to understand in order for our business to grow and change we must change ourselves. The change in the entrepreneur becomes the growth that is needed for the business to succeed.

Our mind is craving for growth. My mentor shared with me a pretty enlightening thought and story. He was talking with a very successful entrepreneur friend. This friend of his had recently succeeded in earning ten million US dollars on a project in the first year.

Interested in his experience that year he asked his friend what was the most significant thing that he learned. The friend stated that "If his business is only as good as his current thinking it's in trouble".

My mentor Christian Simpson says "Remember, your business and the quality of life it sponsors can never, and will never, outgrow the quality of your thinking you bring to it".

So, what does this mean? To put it bluntly, instead of an entrepreneur prioritizing self improvement and growth as number one as compared to getting busy and doing "the work" there will be no change in their business. Therefore no growth and the business remains average.

The most important thing an entrepreneur or leader can do is invest in their growth. It's time for change! Are you ready?

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